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How to Apply

  1. Apply to the Hon Minister for the interior for the grant of Dual Citizenship.
  2. Purchase of Form 10 at the cost of SFr:120.00 ) at the Ministry of the Interior or from a representative of the Ministry of the Interior in our Diplomatic Missions abroad.

    Attachments to Form 10

  3. Evidence of Ghanaian Nationality Birth Certificate / Passport

  4. For Persons who have renounced their Ghanaian Citizenship Evidence of Renunciation of Ghanaian Citizenship.

  5. Evidence of Parent’s Nationality – Passport, Voters ID Card, Birth Certificate.

  6. Six (6) passport sized photographs

  7. Issue of Certificate signed by the Hon Minister for the interior (Form 11) at the cost of one SFr: 25.00


    Dual Citizenship Holder

  • Shall be issued with a Ghanaian passport or travel document beside the Passport of the other country he / she holds.

  • Shall be permitted to remain in Ghana without limitation provided the the person entered Ghana on a Ghanaian passport.

  • It is an offence for a dual citizenship holder to use two passports Interchangeable to deceive an Immigration Officer and is liable on Summary conviction to a fine not exceeding 250 penalty units or a Term of imprisonment not exceeding one year or to both.

  • No dual citizen of Ghana shall qualify to be appointed as a holder of Any office specified as below: -

    • Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court;

    • Ambassador or High Commissioner;

    • Secretary to the Cabinet

    • Chief of Defence Staff or any Service Chief;

    • Inspector- General of Police;

    • Commissioner, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service;

    • Director of Immigration Service;

    • Commissioner, Value Added Tax Service;

    • Director- General, Prisons Service;

    • Chief Fire Officer;

    • Chief Director of a Ministry;

    • A rank of a Colonel in the Army or its equivalent in the other security services; and

    • Any other public office that the Minister may be legislative instrument prescribes.


      1. .Purchase of Renunciation Form 13 from either the nearest Mission/or the Ministry of the Interior at the cost of SF------

      2. Completion of Forms and submission ( Form 13) through our Missions abroad to the Hon. Minister for the Interior Accra


      3. CV
      4. Evidence of not being indebted to Ghana Government if applicant went on further Studies abroad under Ghana Government Scholarship.

      5. .Assurance letter from the country that the applicant intends to take up Nationality.

      6. Two Passports sized recent photographs.

      7. Photocopy of receipt of payment.


      The Certificate would be signed by the Hon. Minister for the Interior and sent through our respective Missions so that the Ghanaian passports can be retrieved. Please ensure that Forms are duly paid for.

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